A tiny dress for Hester

Here’s something I made recently: a little dress for a friend’s new baby. The pattern is New Look 6038, a really simple little baby dress, and the fabric is, I think, a 1940s reproduction print from the splendid Stitch Fabrics in Wanstead (highly recommended – they have a superb selection of cotton prints in 54″ width and some amazing designer fabrics for much less than you would pay on Berwick Street).P1000211


You can see where I handstitched down the little pleats (or are they tucks? I think tucks are stitched down at both ends and pleats only at one end).

I love ric-rac but I would never use it on a garment for an adult.

I’m simultaneously making two more versions of this dress for my boyfriend’s sister’s twins, but I’ve been sewing them completely by hand – partly as an exercise, but also to have something to do with my hands when I’m forcibly removed from my sewing machine (I just don’t like knitting). I’ve been working on them (admittedly very sporadically) for about two months now. The above dress was made in about an hour, from cutting to final pressing.

Finally a brief acknowledgement that ‘neat but not gaudy’ refers to my style, not my sewing room:


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